martes, 7 de diciembre de 2010

Degree in Business Administration

I spent more than a year preparing for this day. Were twelve months researching, gathering data, analyzing and preparing information. I had to made a credit manual for the cooperative where I was working and  I had to do it from scratch.

In the cooperative there was no regulation. The credit manager had to work according to his own heart without any regulation or guidance that will help to define who was eligible for credit and who does not and this was what I had to do. This was the subject of my thesis to finally get my Degree in Business Administration.

The last month was the hardest. Although the thesis was over I had to finish some details. I was still correcting grammar and preparing the final presentation.

Once I finished with all that the day of the presentation arrived. I finish work at twelve o'clock, went home for lunch and reviewed the summary again. Finally I got dressed for the presentation. I dressed in a white shirt and beige tuxedo, tie was of a golden color. I combed my hair and left my house completely ready to expose.

In college, three professors were waiting for me. They asked me to go inside the room, turned on the projector and they gave me 30 minutes to expose. 

I started to talk and to describe the project. I talked about the history and benefits of the newly made credit manual, advantages, disadvantages and criteria for proper use. At the end of the presentation they asked some questions which I answered without hesitation and later they asked me to leave the room. 

After 15 minutes waiting they asked me to go inside the room again. One of them congratulated me and said the words I was expecting to hear since one year ago: You won your degree in Business Administration!


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  1. Hi, jeanCarlo!!!
    This experience is so exciting and rewarding! I lived something similar one month ago, and I think this the most important moment of our studies because is the moment when you can hear the keywords: "you got your degree" Congratulations for being successful!!!

  2. I agree, congratulations!

    Also, did they give you time to "expose" or to "present"? If you exposed, things could have turned out very differently! Haha!

    Thanks for sharing your story,