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Urban Legends: "La Carreta sin Bueyes" (A Tumbril without Oxen)

"Costa Rica has been a town where everyone works very hard. In colonial times lived a man who owned a big estate and this man was really mean with the indians. He was called "Pedro the Evil".

Pedro lived alone and like his fellows he tilled the land. He had his yoke of oxen which helped him in the farmland and his tumbril but this tumbril was diferent because it has just one wooden edge and these made more difficult the work of the oxen.

The religious activites were often in the little town but nothing like may 15, Saint Isidro's Day. On that day, after Mass, the tumbrils were blessed. Everyone in town brought their carts to the mass. That day, Pedro brought his tumbril too but maliciously

When the Priest asked him to align his cart with the other carts, Pedro told him that he not brought his tumbril for the blessing because it was already blessed by the devil. "I brought it to get into the Church" he said, and then he tried to drive his oxen to the door, hurting them because they wouldn't enter. Everyone tried to stop him, but he was demoniac and he really harmed the oxen.

That was when the priest sent his curse on him and his tumbril, but saving the oxen who resisted. "You will walk with your tumbril for all eternity", said to him, and immediately, between the general terror, the oxen were disengaged from the cart and it went alone down the street followed by Pedro the Evil.

Since that day, the tumbril of Pedro the Evil, the devil's blessed and cursed by God, walks alone, without oxen to lead it, causing terror wherever it goes."

People warn you saying that if you hear the sound of the tumbril you have to pray. If you are alone at midnight and you are a man and your wife is alone at home you have to run, because it is the Pedro's cart that come for you with the devil inside.

I like the story and I think is a story to scare party men, specially the younger men who likes to cheat their wifes. I think the teaching of the legend is that you don't have to do wrong things at night because bad things can hapen to you.

You can read the story here (but it is in spanish)

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  1. Nice! I'd not heard that story.

    Also, in English they'd probably just say "cart" or "oxcart." I'd not heard "tumbril" before, but it may be a specialized word.

    See you tomorrow!