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Zarcero is the 11th County of the Province of Alajuela. The city lies at an elevation of  1,736 meters above sea level and it is located on the geographic coordinates 10°13'13'' north latitude and 84°25'06'' west longitude. The name of Zarcero was assigned because of the large amount of aromatic "zarzaparrilla" that existed at the site, wich is a kind of blackberry.

Zarcero, known for its brisk mountain climate, is considered as a Touristic Center by the Costarican Tourism Institute because of its crafts and its park. The main agricultural activities of the town are vegetable crops, fruit trees, coffee and livestock but is more famous because of the variety of dairy products that the people produce.

Zarcero residents are known for their great sense of humor, their charm and their warmth as well as being hard-working people.

Places of Interest

Francisco Alvarado Park: The park sits in front of the church at the downtown. It is noted for its topiary garden produced and maintained by Evangelista Blanco since the 1960s. Shrubs in the park have been trimmed into the shapes of various animals (bears, elephants, dinosaurs), including some that are quite abstract and bizarre (like the bullring).

San Rafael Church: Zarcero's church was constructed in 1895. The interior features very nice paintings of the stations of the cross. Materials for the construction of the church are not what they seem. Columns are painted to look like marble, and the exterior is metal siding, not brick as it appears.
At the Northeast of the region is located the Juan Castro Blanco National Park and at the southeast is located the Chayote Protected Zone, which each cover 3% of the area of canton.

Transportation and Hosting

If you want to go to Zarcero you can take a bus or go by car.

In San Jose you can take buses to Zarcero at the San Carlos bus stop or at the Coca Cola bus stop. The bus takes 2 hours to reach. Whether traveling by car takes 1:30 to reach.

In Zarcero's downtown you can stay in two excellent hotels, the Hotel Don Beto and the Hotel Zarcero. Both offer an excellent service to visitors.

Useful Information
Founded: June 21, 1915 as 11th County of Alajuela Province

Land Area: 155.13 square kilometers

Approximate population: 11,000 inhabitants

Approximate population density: 71 people per square kilometer


North: San Carlos County. 
South: Naranjo County. 
East: Valverde Vega County. 
West: San Ramon County.

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