viernes, 15 de octubre de 2010

Conditional Sentences

1. Miners in Chile were trapped in a cave. If the capsule had not worked, they would have died.

2. Nery Brenes has won seven gold medals. If the INS had not give him $4000, he couldn't travel to Europe to compete.

3. Last week there was an earthquake in Zarcero to 100 km deep. If it had been shallower, it could have caused extensive damage.

4. Two weeks ago there was a lot of landslides in the road to Zarcero. If the earthquake had been the same week, the roads would have been still closed.

5. The Silvester Stallone's new movie has a great cast of stars like Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger. If this actors wouldn't had participated, I probably wouldn't wanted to see it.
6. The Costa Rica's last soccer game was in San Carlos court. If the National team would played better, the game might had been in the Ricardo Saprissa Stadium.

7. Agrochemical poisoned 48 workers in cotton field. If the wind had not blown so hard, the people would have been ok.

8. Michelle Mitchell is the new news director of Monumental. If Amelia Vega had not resigned, Michelle would not have gotten the job.

9. Tyrannosaurus rex may have been cannibals. If Yale University doesn't do these studies, we wouldn't know these things.

10. Three masked men robbed ¢ 30 million company in Heredia. If the company had kept the money in the bank, the robbers would not have stolen so much.

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