miércoles, 20 de octubre de 2010

Concluding Remarks

I really like the way the class took. I think the fact that were no tests, made a different way to learn and that made that I didn't know how was my progress, making that I had to work more. The class was a good distraction of my job and allowed me know new people. I think I improved my english just because I could practice more in and out of class. Like I said at the begining of the class I can talk about different topics and that helped me to help my partners in different activities.

I really liked the activities where we had to create stuff like the restaurant or the songs about the cities because we had to test not just our knowledge of English but also our understanding of English, more abstract or metaphorical. I also enjoyed the games and activities where we evaluate ourselves or our partners work, but I don't really like the dialogs or the listening of the book, because that's boring and uncreative.

In general, I feel that the class was very helpful and I think the only thing missing was knowing individual progress and correct what was wrong

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  1. Hi Jean Carlo,

    Thanks for your feedback! I'll try to improve on MY feedback techniques. I made comments on some blogs, but I'm realizing from a few students' comments (including yours) that you may have wanted more feedback during the course. I'll try to work on that for my next classes.

    And I agree with you about the listening exercises. The voices on the tapescripts are really annoying, so I try to limit them as much as possible! :)

    See you tomorrow,