lunes, 13 de septiembre de 2010

Sunrise Planet (Elga's Planet)

The people from this planet share a lot of characteristics with Martians and Venusians, nevertheless they are more like Venusians because the two species are concerned about the harmony, relationships and feelings more than power or competency.

The only thing Excelsior's People share with Sunrise's People is the value of love, but they are completly different. The inhabitants of Excelsior care a lot about power, competency and effiencicy; besides they don't care about harmony (this doesn't mean they fight all the time, they're just kind of troublemakers)

I think I wouldn't like to live in Sunrise, but I could spend a while in there. It would be nice because they like to be with their friends, and that's something the both cultures share. But it would be difficult live for a long time in Sunrise because Excelsior's aren't good sharing their feelings and this could cause an explosion of their personality and create a war.

Finally I think people from Sunrise are cool sweet people, and can be good friends with Excelsior's if they are patience!!!

(I tried to answer all the questions, but I don't know anything about Star Wars)

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  1. Ha ha, nice comments!

    Also, "patience" is the characteristic, but a person needs to "be patient."

    Good review! See you tomorrow.