martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010

Jean Carlo's Profile corrections

Jean Carlo is a 23 years man who lives in Zarcero. He has lived there during his whole live.
When Jean Carlo was little, he traveled with his father buying cheese all around San Carlos, “I traveled a lot with my father, for that reason I enjoy traveling” ; he said when we was talking about his live.
Jean Carlo is an outgoing person; he likes to go out with his friends, especially in Costa Rica. “If someone invites me anywhere of Costa Rica, I check my time and money, and I just go”; he said; that justify my theory about Jean Carlo’s outgoing personality.
Jean Carlo hates routine, few years ago he worked in a cooperative as a cashier, he told me that he hated that job because he had to do the same every week. Now he works in a physical therapy center where he have to do different things every day, “Some days I just do anything, some days I have to do a lot of things” he said explaining why does he loves his work. He is very happy working there because of the schedule flexibility and the variability of his responsibilities.
Finally, Jean Carlo remembers his past very well, what he likes most about it is his university because he stared knowing people and friends. Now he has a lot of friends and coworkers, so he can go out with many people.

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  1. Hey Jean Carlo,

    I just wanted to make a few comments. First, careful for run-on sentences. I put some explanations and exercises on my blog, so check them out if you get a chance.

    Also, we'd usually say "a 23-year-old man."

    Nice work, and see you tomorrow!