martes, 28 de septiembre de 2010

"El Ático"

In the high lands of Zarcero, in the road to "Bajos del Toro" there is a beautiful restaurant called "El Ático". It is located on the third floor of a big house, with a great view of the natural landscape.

When you go inside, you can see a big hall, with about ten tables, each one with a lighted candle, and at the heart of the room a big chimney. All the decoration is old fashion, that makes it look like an old house.

The restaurant is run by a mother and her daughter. The mother is an international chef, who prepares delicious food, and her daughter is the only waitress. Both are humble and friendly women.

Like I said, all the food is delicious, however, the most tasty dish is the white sauce chicken: breast of chicken bathed in white wine, accompanied by salad and potatoe puree.

The place is very calm, and the food very flavorful, besides there is an excellent service and low music, ideal for the people who look for tranquillity at dinner's time.

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