martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Biography: Andrea V

Andrea is a nice girl who lives in Palmares and work as a school teacher in St. Agustin High School. She started as assistent of other teachers and then got a job as a kinder garden teacher, job that she prefers because she has more freedom to work at her own rate.

She grows in Palmares, and when she was in High School, she and her family moved to Guanacaste. In this time she got pregnant and her son Alejandro was born. Nevertheless, she finished the High School and she went to College, and now she's a Master in Education. She's studying English and she thinks that she will pass all their life studying, because that's something that she loves.

"The real love is the love of your family" she said when she talks about her son. He's her reason to live. "I don't know what I´d do without him" she said. Alejandro is four years old and he's a little naughty kid, and he's very smart for his age.

Andrea loves to be fashionable, buying new clothes, perfumes and accessories. "I love to be a woman" she said, because all the fashionable things that women can use, but I think that's because she can use her feminine power to manipulate men.

Andrea is a very versatile woman, with many goals and big energy to do whatever she wants.

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